February 23, 2018

Google: New insights that will shape your mobile strategy

In this evolving age of assistance, brands must deliver mobile website experiences that are fast and friction-free. Google has identified four ways marketers can race ahead of the competition and meet people’s needs.

1. Be customer-first, not technology-first

Building a great user experience comes with its challenges, especially as the industry grapples with how and when to experiment with new technologies. But rather than think about technologies first, take a customer-first approach. Try to imagine the experience you’d want as a customer, apply it to your brand, and build toward that.

When it comes to what people want, our research tells us they are demanding three things from brands: “help me faster,” “know me better,” and “wow me everywhere.” Marketers who invest in these areas and create memorable experiences will win users’ hearts, minds, and ultimately, dollars.

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