January 16, 2012

Google Panda problems continue to plague travel websites

Some travel websites are still struggling to recover from Google's Panda search algorithm update last year that was brought in to weed out content farms and low-quality website content.

Bill Greer, director of content-driven search specialist Vertical Leap, said the change has brought the focus back on to content and user experience rather than tweaking technology to boost rankings.

He believes this has prompted many retailers to re-evaluate their search agency relationships, with small agencies like Vertical Leap benefitting from a specialism in content.

“The whole idea of content marketing is huge in the States. I think in the UK it has yet to catch on - it’s just too fragmented,” said Greer.

“There is a dawning realisation of where the web is going with the power of blogging and what Google is up to with Google+ and personalised results.

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