March 17, 2016

Google tips for better user experience on travel sites

Google has a simple framework to address what it says are two of the main mistakes with user experience on travel websites. The first is a fixation on conversion, and the second is a focus on existing digital assets.

Google industry head for travel, Anna Sawbridge, says the “see, think, do, care framework is a useful place to start” to fix these issues because it focuses on the customer. The point is that consumers are coming to websites looking for different things as well as coming from different places.

“When customers land on our digital assets they aren’t all in the same state of mind. 4% is a fairly average conversion rate on travel sites but that means 96% of people do not want to convert. So, what are they doing on your site?

“They’re not all turned off by a bad conversion experience. Some are there for something else.”

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