August 29, 2018

Google tool gauges ads by overall strength

Marketers can now better gauge the effectiveness of their advertising with a metric from Google that judges ad content by quality, relevance and diversity.

The biggest issue surrounding responsive search ads, responsive display ads, and Universal App campaigns has been a lack of reporting metrics, not relevance. Some 91% of mobile users have bought or plan to buy something after seeing an ad they described as relevant, according to Google data.

Relevance still plays a major role when it comes to targeting search ads, but Google on Monday introduced new insights and best practices that allow marketers to put metrics behind the relevance.

The ad strength metric gives marketers a barometer to measure whether the content in the ad ranges from “poor” to “excellent," and measures the relevance, quality and diversity of ad copy. Combined with actionable feedback, the new tool aims to make it easier to improve the effectiveness of ads.

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