September 10, 2018

Google’s new travel tool to help vacationers find free activities in new cities

The tool, called Touring Bird, is a website designed for mobile that lists tours, attractions, and activities to do in popular travel destinations.

You can filter by price from zero to over $500, time of day, duration, and even by cancellation policies, which sounds convenient.

So far, the site only provides information for a handful of destinations, including Prague, Toronto, Orlando, Chicago, and Amsterdam. It looks like it’s North America and Europe-centric so far. It’s also only available in English, so tourists who prefer other languages won’t find much utility from this site.

If you click on cities like Paris or New York, you’ll see the top three attractions at the very top that any tourist would likely already be aware of without Touring Bird’s help. But once you scroll further down, you’ll find tips that even some locals might not know about, which Google says are curated by a team of experts.

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