July 19, 2013

Harnessing the power of events in online hotel marketing

Google's site freshness factor is not in favor for hotel websites, as they don't have much to write about on a regular basis, except with a blog. However one category of content that almost never dries up is events. Here is how to use them for your hotel website.

A good hotel manager always knows all the events taking place in his area and will try to benefit from this knowledge as much as possible.

So why not write on your hotel’s website about upcoming events?

Writing about upcoming events on your hotel website is a great way to constantly have fresh content on your website. Create pages with extensive information about important events and people will love you for it. And if people love your website, so will search engines.

- Sporting events: matches, marathons, yearly competitions, etc.;
- Concerts, festivals & trade fairs;
- Conferences & seminars;
- Natural phenomena: solar/lunar eclipse, aurora borealis, etc.

But there is much more you can do with events, like creating packages and promote them with Facebook Audience Targeting.

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