August 07, 2018

HEBStrategy Q3 2018 Hotel Digital Marketing, Technology, and Trends whitepaper

The HEBStrategy Q3 offers strategies for hoteliers to reach potential guests throughout the travel planning journey.

Download the HEBStrategy Q3 2018 whitepaper to learn about:

- What’s Trending: Stay in the loop with the must-know trends of the quarter, including an updated Google Maps experience, Alexa for Hospitality and more.

- From the Design Studio: Get inspiration from some of our most creative clients who use their websites to provide a compelling look at the property while driving direct bookings.

- Metrics that Matter: Learn how to take a data-driven approach to your creative decisions, and ultimately see a positive impact on your hotel’s bottom line.

- A Look Outside the Industry: Find inspiration in initiatives outside the hospitality industry. We take a closer look at Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke campaign as well as an airline’s email campaign that captivated users by posing the questions: If you could visit any vacation destination, what would it be and who would you go with?

- Plus other valuable insider information, including a recap of last quarter, creative concepts from the HEBS Idea Shop, and more.

Download the whitepaper at">HEBS Digital