November 02, 2018

Hotel challenges with PMS solutions are growing

Insufficient support and lack of integration tops the list of concerns expressed by hoteliers about their property management systems, according to a new study by H2C.

h2c’s Global PMS Study, our most recent research paper, sheds more light on system requirements across the entire hotel management landscape. It builds on detailed insights obtained from an online survey as well as expert interviews with hotel chains in Europe, the Middle East, North America and Asia Pacific. The 110 surveyed (mostly regional) hotel chains represent nearly 40,000 properties and 4.9 million rooms worldwide.

The project was sponsored by eight technology companies that serve the hospitality industry, including Oracle, Sabre, Shiji and Pegasus.

The research paper is available for download and has a focus on the hotel chains’ satisfaction level with their current PMS solution, missing features and functionalities, and required changes for improving overall user satisfaction. The study results will help to better understand the hotel chains’ requirements, enabling PMS providers to identify technology gaps, prioritize their developments and enhance their services.

Get the full story at Tnooz and download the report at H2C