May 17, 2018

Hoteliers remain in a ‘holding stage’ assessing the best tech trends

It’s important that more hotels move away from seeing technology as a forced necessity to recognising the future of most industries is based on technological development.

The sooner hoteliers put themselves at the forefront of impending innovation, the sooner they can differentiate themselves from competition and provide guests with a point of difference when they’re searching for accommodation.

Hoteliers were quite split when it came to deciding what technology trend was most important to them. The growth of mobile technology has been well documented in recent times and it’s promising to see that hoteliers understand this and are focusing on it.

Given the next best response was ‘none of these’, hoteliers seem to be spreading their attention far and wide and are in a ‘holding’ stage; assessing what will be the best option for their property.

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