February 28, 2013

Hotels are getting a new competitor on Booking.com

With the rise of HomeAway and Airbnb, some travelers in the U.S. have already been weaned a bit off traditional hotels, and now a higher U.S. profile for Booking.com, with its diverse mix of property types, may super-charge the trend.

To be sure, the vast majority of Booking.com’s lodging choices in the U.S. are traditional hotels. The nontraditional apartment hotels and hostels are in the distinct minority, and they have far fewer rooms than your local Marriott, as well.

Still, Priceline CEO Jeffery Boyd thinks adding them in the U.S. and abroad helps the consumer, and Booking.com, as well. Speaking during Priceline’s fourth quarter earnings call February 26, Boyd said Priceline will continue to invest in adding nontraditional properties even though they offer fewer rooms and the addressable market is smaller than for hotels.

If other online travel agencies follow Booking.com’s lead - and they are copying everything else - in adding nontraditional properties, then that, coupled with the rise of the vacation rental and peer to peer apartment-rental market, could alter the lodging choices that consumers would normally consider in the future.

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