November 02, 2012

Hotels using unique scents to make stays more memorable

On the surface it may seem like a simple concept, but it's the most powerful way to create and enhance exceptional experiences. That first impression when walking into a hotel environment is so important and smell is the most memorable sense of all our scenes yet has often been overlooked in the past.

We interact with the world around us using only our five senses. Truly remarkable experiences include all of them: sight, sound, touch, taste and even smell. Imagine how this relates to the most important and memorable events of your life. What if something was missing from these experiences? In a growing trend, hoteliers are using perfume to enhance their customers’ perception of their stay.

An ambient scent works best when it evokes imagery and can be designed to relate to the location or style of the hotel. Coastal hotels can add a scent evocative of the sea, country hotels a subtle suggestion of honeysuckle or wild flowers. This is pure science working.

Next time you step foot in a luxury hotel, take a minute to consider the many ways your senses are stimulated by the design, lighting, music, and, nowadays, scent. Many luxury hotels are making an effort to draw guests in with specially made scents that are piped into lobbies and common areas to subtly shift guests’ moods.

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