January 12, 2018

How AI is changing how we travel

From Google Maps and voice assistants to the scores of travel apps that make online booking easy and instant, AI is grabbing hold of the travel industry - and it's not letting go.

There is a simple reason for this; the internet has made booking flights, hotels and rental cars a wholly online experience. So there's now big data on all of our travel habits, and it’s allowing AI algorithms, customization and chatbots to spread.

However, the travel industry does need to be careful not to go overboard with AI and chatbots.

“As we operate in an industry that is incredibly personal, emotional and complex, maintaining the right balance between genuine human interaction and efficient automation is something we're always trying to fine-tune and optimize throughout every stage of the consumer journey, " says James Waters, Global Director of Customer Service at Booking.com. His company found that 80% of customers prefer to self-serve in order to get the information that they need. So, with the help of AI, why not let them?

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