November 22, 2012

How Europe’s wealthy use social media

According to a new study, Facebook is the most popular and most frequently used social network among Europe’s most affluent citizens. The survey was commissioned by Facebook to understand the social media attitudes and behaviours of its wealthy users in the UK, France and Germany.

The results identified five different wealthy social network segments:

1. Social network hungry (makes up 16% of total)

- This group makes up 16% of the overall total and sees social networks as a fundamental tool for them personally and professionally.
- They are the highest mobile users.
- 77% say Facebook’s main function is to let them share opinions, 71% post status updates and like pages, while 72% get brand updates.
- One of the wealthier groups, they are also the most likely to have trust funds.
- They also like to engage with brands and receive special offers.

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