June 21, 2018

How Hotel CEOs view Amazon and Google’s growing influence in travel

The launch of Alexa for Hospitality was a clear signal from Amazon to the hotel business - and the travel industry at large - of the company’s strategies for getting more deeply invested in the travel space.

Today, at least for Amazon, it’s via smart devices. Tomorrow, it might involve voice search, or perhaps, the debut of Amazon’s own online travel agency platform?

Prior to Amazon’s announcement on Tuesday, Skift spoke with various hotel executives at the NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment conference in early June to ask them for their thoughts on tech giants such as Amazon and Google, and what they said might surprise you.

While some of these executives welcomed these players, others expressed hesitation, or doubts about working with them. All, however, noted that they’re keeping a close watch on what companies like Amazon and Google are doing.

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