February 28, 2012

How the era of ‘Big-Data’ is changing online marketing

The growth in the volume and breadth of data across online marketing channels combined with the maturation of marketing technology to leverage that data cross-functionally means the era of big data is officially upon us.

Now, Marketers must begin to give due attention to plugging the available data into their marketing strategies. For some, this begins with starting to think about their marketing channels in a more holistic fashion. For others, it means taking action on a cross-channel line of thinking already in place by going after the tools and technology that will enable them to make the transition into marketers leveraging cross-channel data.

Either way, the ‘big-data’ writing is on the wall: the new marketer is part CIO, and if you do not have a strategy in your organization to leverage cross-channel data you may soon find yourself with yesterday’s view of your online marketing efforts.

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