February 08, 2013

How to benchmark online hotel marketing efforts

For hotel digital marketers, the ability to use real-time data for benchmarking purposes is critical. New trends in benchmarking are emerging today and new tools are available to track many different parts of the job.

For example, marketers can benchmark the effectiveness of a campaign to help prove return on investment, track conversion rates and set up benchmarks for site traffic. Common site traffic benchmarks are the number of visits, referral sites and the different devices by which potential guests accessed the site.

Most importantly, tools today such as Google Analytics and the Adobe Marketing Cloud, among others, allow hotels to compare data to hotels in the competitive set.

Melissa Moody, travel industry development manager for Google, said website managers have been tracking some type of data since the early days of embeddable counters. “Counters - we say we’re way passed them, but we’re not,” she said. “We still put this data all over our promotional material.”

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