August 06, 2012

How to come out on top in online hotel marketing

The blurring of search and social is presenting new challenges in hotel marketing. UK online marketing agency Propellernet describes how marketing strategies should adapt to ensure the best exposure in earned, owned and paid media, and some of the views of hotel panellists brought together for a roundtable debate on the topic.

Google dominates the search market and will increasingly do so in social. Links that will drive most value to you as a business come from high-profile authors and people that influence other people.

The top of page one is where it’s at; brands want to be on page one. If you are on page two or below you are effectively invisible. For a strong brand like Virgin, holding the top position might suck up 35% to 40% of available clicks for that entire market because it’s a recognised brand. If you are not a recognised brand it’s more difficult.

In the natural space, where you earn the right to be there, you can pick up three-quarters of your search volume. People trust natural results more but travel businesses commit about 80% to 90% of search spend on paid search.

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