November 01, 2012

How to properly attribute email campaigns in analytics

There are many third-party choices for creating email campaigns and distributing them to lists of prospective customers. Each of them will measure successful deliveries and even click-throughs to your call to action. But is that all you need to measure success? Certainly not.

At its simplest form, a potential customer reads your email, clicks the link - which is counted by your email distributor - sees your landing page, completes the action and you collect the lead. Life is good, right?

But what happens if the visitor doesn’t want to complete the goal you specified. What if the visitor likes what they see but wants more info before filling out your form or clicking a buy link?

Are you measuring other actions the visitor could take? Does your landing page even give them the option to browse other aspects of your site like an about page or terms and conditions? How do you differentiate that visitor’s conversions?

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