June 07, 2018

How TripAdvisor ranks hotels

TripAdvisor’s Popularity Algorithm was changed back in 2016, and more recently in March 2018. Here's how the sites algorithm works, and how you can use it to your advantage to attract more hotel bookings.

The latest update was designed to provide a fairer and more consistent form of ranking that looks at “performance over time”.

TripAdvisor hasn’t explicitly described how the algorithm has been tweaked, but indicates that a hotel that’s received consistently good ratings for a decade will outrank a hotel that’s gained excellent reviews over a few months, but been less popular before. As a result of this algorithm update, some hotels have seen their ranking move up, while others have gone down.

The current version of the algorithm is based on assessing three areas: quality, recency and quantity. Let’s look at how each of these work in more detail.

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