March 05, 2013

In the UK, more screens mean more fragmented viewing behavior

Evidence from new research indicated that growth in UK video viewing via tablet devices is outstripping growth in viewing on any other screen type. Of course, TV remains the core content consumption device in the home; however, tablets may soon become the preferred dual-screen accompaniment.

What are UK consumers’ multiscreen behaviors? And just how fragmented is the consumer experience in the average UK household?

TV still tops the list of media activities for UK internet users, however audience sizes have shrunk substantially. In terms of pervasiveness in the consumer household, PCs and laptops come second only to TVs. According to Ipsos MediaCT, PC/laptop ownership in the UK stood at 75% as of November 2012.

But this is partially historical; desktops and laptops have been the second screen for many years now. Only recently have smartphones and tablets become credible screen alternatives or accompaniments to the TV, causing the latest upheaval in household media consumption behavior.

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