January 31, 2012

Kayak’s website redesign takes its lead from mobile

Kayak has revamped its desktop site using design tips from its mobile apps. The simplified design has fewer filters and reduces the number of options displayed by hiding flights that are duplicates or deemed too similar.

One of the world’s most popular travel websites has decided mobile is better. Kayak is rolling out an updated design for its eight-year-old site. But it’s not just any old tweak of the look and feel. Kayak is now consciously taking design cues from its recently updated iPad and iPhone apps.

Normally a web-based company that decides to make an app wants to translate the look and feel of its site to that app. But Kayak has been there, done that. And from the design team to the executive team, those within Kayak say it now makes more sense to do the opposite. “I got to the point where I actually liked iPhone app better than our website, I thought it was aesthetically more beautiful,” Kayak co-founder and CTO Paul English told me in an interview last week.

Here’s what the site will look like going forward.

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