December 06, 2017

Keep your edge online and off: how top UK hotel operator uses guest intelligence tech

When the Coaching Inn Group set its sights on being the best independent operator of regional hotels in the country, the group's leadership knew that they needed to be managing the online reputations and guest experience of their inns and hotels across the United Kingdom.

As Mat Charity, Commercial Manager, explains, “Before, if you upset a customer, they would just tell a friend. Now, if you upset a customer, they will put it up on Facebook and put it up on TripAdvisor and the exposure is so vast that I think a hotel not taking it seriously is really at risk of having their brand damaged.”

In 2014, the Coaching Inn Group was still using comment cards to collect feedback. These weren’t helping them to get positive results online, and having a member of staff tied up for hours on end trawling review sites for online feedback wasn’t practical.

“We had to source reviews from the individual review platforms while also trying to compile guest comment cards from the individual hotels,” says David Campbell, Operations Director. “Bringing them back centrally into a platform was just too cumbersome.”

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