December 17, 2012

Lastminute adjusts Google Adwords approach after attribution test

Lastminute said the test showed how the ‘last click wins’ rule does not give proper value to channels that appear early in the conversion funnel, such as those used by customers to research and compare offers.

Reporting the results of the experiment, Lastminute said: “The core results of the study revealed that for every tracked conversion that was previously attributed to Google AdWords, 1.43 conversions should have been attributed in this way.

“In other words turning off the non-branded search terms in Google Adwords will results in a 43% larger decline than reported by Lastminute’s tracking systems.

“Thanks to this insight, Lastminute’s next steps include adjusting the brand’s paid search budget and engaging in further investigation into the causal effect of Google Adword activity.”

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