July 13, 2018

Latin American travelers opt to explore own countries

Expedia released new research on Latin American travelers, which spotlights the behaviors, preferences and influences of travelers from Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico.

Findings from the Latin American Travel and Tourism Trends Study reveal that Latin American travelers are taking longer holidays than travelers from other countries (10+ days), are more likely to travel domestically than internationally, and gravitate toward trips that offer relaxation, family visits or sightseeing. Additional findings include:

- 62% are undecided on a destination when they decide to take a trip

- 82% said informative content from destinations and travel brands can influence their decisions, and 71% said ads can be influential

- Plane is the preferred mode of transportation for two-thirds of Latin American travelers, and 69% check into a hotel when they’re away from home

- Half of Latin American travelers use online travel agencies (OTAs) during the trip planning process – ahead of airline, hotel or destination websites – and 49% book their trip on an OTA

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