April 01, 2013

Let’s reposition social where it belongs

There's no question that social has a place in the modern marketer's toolbox, both as a brand development and customer service listening platform. But can we agree that it's time we return it, at least for now, where it rightly belongs: a place for socializing.

If tech media coverage frequency were to serve as a barometer of the relative utility of the digital channels available to marketers, one could be forgiven for concluding that search's value pales in comparison to the much-covered social media.

An analysis of "SEO" vs. "social media" coverage on the top two major tech blogs, while not the most scientific study ever done, shows that social media was covered 4x more frequently on TechCrunch and 58x more frequently on Mashable.

This matters because, as any first year poly-sci. student knows, media coverage impacts public opinion. In this case, that means impacting marketer's organizational decision-making such as budget and resource investment. And, as many a frustrated SEO practitioner knows, even if you yourself have things straight, the VP or CMO at the top of the food chain who likely controls the purse strings is often the most susceptible to the tech media's influence.

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