July 06, 2018

Luggage storage startup wins Expedia Affiliate Network startup initiative

Following a demo day in London this week, Stasher came out top not only for the business itself but how much it has achieved in the six months of the accelerator program.

The luggage storage startup picked out highlights of the program such as launching new cities, a site overhaul and targeting large hotel groups and festivals it has worked on with mentors from EAN and Hotels.com over the course of the six-month accelerator.

It was a hard fought battle and the remaining four startups – live2leave, DaybreakHotels, Shoot My Travel and triptech, also received recognition for their achievements and how much they had engaged in the accelerator program. The five were initially drawn from some 230 companies which entered for the accelerator program.

The team from Stasher says the accelerator program really helped it focus on B2B partnerships as well as “evolving its strategic focus with mentors”.

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