December 08, 2016

Major changes in 2016 that impacted hotel marketing

Some of these industry developments will have an immediate impact on hoteliers, while others we will have to wait and see. Here’s what you can be doing right now to navigate these changes in 2017.

If You Pay for Advertising, Make Sure It’s Targeted

Facebook’s update to their newsfeed algorithm will have the most immediate impact on hotel marketing. If you’ve been using Facebook to post updates about your property, expect them to have a smaller reach. You will either need to Boost your posts, or pay for advertising to get noticed.

Boosting a post is the most rudimentary form of paid advertising. It is purely designed to get more of people to see it. If you want to improve your targeting, you will need to advertise on Facebook. In your ad settings, you can tailor your Facebook ads to target specific audiences or specific actions, like clicks, to ensure you reach the right audience.

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