November 13, 2012

MapQuest ramps up travel services “Pinterest-style”

The AOL-owned company says it wants to position itself at the heart of the travel planning process, allowing users to browse content (images and editorial), create collections of trip ideas, discover new places in a destination and share around their networks.

MapQuest Discover is a beta product being launched this week, combining content from an in-house writing team as well as other sources such as AOL Travel and Gadling with recommendations and leaderboards of the most popular things to do in a destination.

The service looks and feels very similar to the Pinterest “boards”, where users can essentially curate content into collections for safe-keeping as they form ideas for a trip.

These collections can be shared on Facebook, Twitter et al, but also edited to become depositories of images from a user’s trip. A blogging/journal element provided by recent acquisition Everlater is on the cards for early-2013.

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