May 17, 2018

Millennial travelers’ Instagram use has grown 375% since 2013

Marketers hoping to lure consumers to social media need to craft unique, experience-driven campaigns around their travel products, as most travelers still rely on search engines, like Google, to inform their travel decisions and purchases.

Seventy percent of American travelers are on social media at least once a day, spending an average of 82 minutes, while 83% of millennial travelers access social media once a day at minimum, averaging 113 minutes, according to travel marketing organization MMGY Global’s “Portrait of American Travelers 2018-19” provided to Marketing Dive. Among travelers on social media, 46% are active on Instagram, a 350% increase since 2013, and 60% of millennial travelers use the platform, a 375% increase from 2013.

Among travelers on Instagram, 55% (66% of millennials) say the platform is important for their personal use. Despite the increased use of Instagram, Google remains the top travel website, with 41% of travelers using the site to find prices and information throughout their vacation planning.

Social media posts from destinations or travel service providers were considered by 18% of all travelers (21% of millennials) during the inspiration stage of vacation planning; 11% (15% of millennials) seek advice and ratings; 8% (11% of millennials) compare prices and features; and, 5% (8% of millennials) make reservations. Search engines were used by 33% of travelers (32% of millennials) for inspiration; 31% (28% of millennials) for advice and ratings; 45% (43% of millennials) for comparing prices and features; and, 25% (24% of millennials) for making reservations.

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