January 14, 2013

Minority influencing the majority in online reviews, finds research

Nine out of 10 holidaymakers look at online consumer reviews before booking their holidays and two out of three do so often or always. But exclusive research for Travel Weekly suggests three out of four seldom contribute reviews, meaning a minority have a disproportionate influence.

The study suggests one in five holidaymakers responds to a bad review by looking elsewhere for a hotel or holiday.

Explore Research carried out the survey among 500 UK adults who had recently booked an overseas holiday. It found 33% always study online consumer reviews before booking, 30% often do and 29% sometimes do. Just 8% said they never do.

These figures were largely reversed when respondents were asked whether they contributed online reviews of hotels, resorts or travel experiences. More than one third (35%) said they never post reviews, with 41% doing so sometimes; 15% said often and 9% always.

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