January 31, 2013

Mobile apps offer restaurants marketing opportunity

Half of media-savvy mobile users now have at least one restaurant-specific app on their devices, according to new research. Financial or other rewards were the best ways to drive short-term adoption of mobile online ordering.

Like an online bookmark on steroids, apps are attractive to brands because they create a direct link between their services and consumers’ smartphones. Fortunately for food brands with fewer app users, however, mobile consumers show a strong taste for discovery.

Indeed, 55% of survey respondents say they have at least one “multi-restaurant” app on their phones -- with Yelp the most popular at 37%, followed by Urbanspoon (24%) and Zagat (9%).

What’s more, 44% of survey respondents report regularly using their smartphones or tablets to search for restaurant phone numbers; 39% do so to check out menus; while 38% use their gadgets to search for restaurant locations.

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