November 28, 2012

Mobile marketing is about community not advertising

Mobile is the fastest growing digital channel among consumers, but a new study conducted by research firm Forrester shows that marketers continue to treat it as an extension of desktop computing instead of taking advantage of its unique marketing and advertising opportunities.

Rather than embrace mobile specific marketing tactics, marketers have been more likely to just buy mobile advertising.

Only 27% of the 139 marketers studied in the "Present & Future of Mobile Marketing" report use push-based alerts, with even fewer (25%) utilizing real-time location-based marketing. Less than a quarter (22%) said they use mobile as a community development tool.

As Velti CMO Krishna Subramanian said, marketers tend to make the mistake of viewing mobile solely as a way to reach users' eyes. "When marketers are looking at mobile, they need to look at entire funnel and not just the top," he said, in an interview. "Once you get them there, how do you make money from them?"

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