August 09, 2017

New concepts of luxury are changing what high-end travelers expect

A newly-released report, The Future of Luxury Travel, by Sabre Hospitality Solutions in collaboration with market research firm TrendWatching reveals how evolving definitions of ‘luxury’ and ‘status’ are altering travelers’ preferences and expectations of service.

In this new landscape, “luxury travel” can mean flying by helicopter to a remote desert peak for an exclusive yoga class. Or, it could mean passing up the comfort of a resort stay for a once-in-a-lifetime dive to the wreck of the Titanic – a “vacation” that requires specialized training in addition to the ultra-premium price.

The report reveals five trends that have immediate implications for the hospitality industry, showing how luxury brands and innovative startups can attract high-end travelers by providing fresh, unique opportunities and experiences. Here’s a sneak peek:
Luxury drives growth in wellness tourism: A major driver of this growth will be luxury travelers looking for opportunities to better themselves.
Low-key luxury: Increasingly, luxury travelers identify themselves as “post-status” – choosing subtle indulgence over prominent logos and showy opulence.
Indulgence without guilt: Another factor driving consumer choice is a desire for guilt-free luxury.

The Future of Luxury Travel report provides in-depth examples of all five trends across multiple industries, along with guidance to help hoteliers prepare to leverage these trends.

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