January 30, 2013

Online hotel marketing hindered by poor ROI tools

As hotels and hotel brands each year amass large marketing budgets and battle online travel agencies for their share of bookings, the return on those marketing dollars spent online remains difficult to measure.

Panelists at an Association of Travel Marketing Executives’ think tank on the 2013 media outlook and travel marketing forecast said online attribution models, technology and marketing spend measurement continue to lag.

Jessica Brown, associate media director for Mindshare, a marketing, media planning and media buying organization, said online consumption has finally reached a crescendo—whether it be through digital advertisements, social media, mobile or a combination of the three—but measuring the return on marketing investments in those channels is “not there yet.”

Most panelists agreed - at least in the sense that attribution models provide general figures but don’t provide accurate data to justify the spend. However, most were quick to point out that just because returns can’t be proven doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

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