December 06, 2018

Opening a hotel in 2018: A balance between hospitality roots and new trends

Beyond the competition and the ever-growing number of start-ups, people’s needs are evolving terribly fast, alongside new technologies and trends.

Meeting and exceeding guests’ needs has become more and more arduous: they do not only ask for a basic service, but also for an experience, which has today way more value than any material good.

Expectations are high. So how to reach the right balance between a basic level of service and an unique experience to fulfill them?

Innovation is probably one of the most crucial point hoteliers face on a day-to-day basis. There is a real need to be equipped with the latest high-tech amenities. Beyond the huge investment it requires, mobile check-ins, online reservations and other tendencies reduce significantly the labor costs. Plus, more than 50 percent of the 18-35 travelers expect a fast and efficient service, whether they are away for a leisure time or for business purposes. Voice command technology, virtual concierge service or mobile room keys, customers’ expectations are now more likely to be satisfied by a smartphone. The hospitality industry has consequently justifiable reasons to use modern amenities.

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