May 17, 2018

OpenTable Booking Insights promises to make reservations more manageable for restaurants

The business intelligence suite offers at-a-glance dashboards showing both past performance and trend analysis which helps restaurants manage their operations, adjust their staffing schedules, and tailor their marketing efforts - all in real time.

A week after OpenTable revamped its app to better accommodate last-minute diners, the reservation platform is unveiling its business intelligence suite to provide its restaurant members with insights designed to make it easier to manage the complex science of seating.

The new software tools are part of OpenTable’s existing restaurant services program, GuestCenter. Both the consumer-facing app update and this latest addition aimed at the 45,000 restaurants that accept bookings from OpenTable reflect the new demands and competition in the booking space.

Despite being the largest restaurant reservation booking platform with over 25 million monthly users, the Booking Holdings (formerly known as Priceline Group) owned OpenTable has been defending the turf it’s built up during its 20 years in business from platforms such as Yelp Reservations, Reserve, Resy, and even more niche offerings like the pre-pay app Tock.

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