September 19, 2018

Opinion: Facebook will buy TripAdvisor

Facebook’s ever-expanding portfolio of digital services and brands will lead it towards purchasing a large tourism-focused business within the next five years - here's why TripAdvisor would be the perfect choice.

If Facebook were to buy TripAdvisor, and the two platforms where to fully integrate, Facebook would likely automatically notify a tour provider’s customers, asking them to leave a review. All of this would occur within the one app. Imagine this alongside their virtual guide and VR capabilities. It could see the end of traditional websites as it would all be combined within the Facebook-TripAdvisor App.

Advertising within Facebook would also become even more nuanced and accurate; it would track users’ preferred destination choices automatically, be it city tours, beach holidays or food and drink tours. Facebook users would also become major influencers with the followers gained and reviews they leave. Facebook has the potential to become the largest Online Travel Agent (OTA) in the world.

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