June 08, 2018

OTAs dominate paid search on Google UK in Q1

A study into paid search by travel firms on Google has found OTAs Booking.com, On the Beach and Trivago were dominant in the first quarter of 2018.

The research, by Kantar Media, found each spent over £7 million on search with the dominant global search engine on the keywords that were monitored. Unsurprisingly global OTA Booking.com was found to have splashed out the most – almost £20 million.

The study identified TripAdvisor as the clear leader when it came to organic search in the first three months of the year. TripAdvisor saw over twice as many impressions and almost twice as many clicks as lastminute.com, its nearest rival in the travel sector, with an estimated PPC value of over £120 million.

Of the three biggest PPC spenders, only Booking.com features amongst the top six sites for organic search impressions.

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