October 05, 2017

Profiling ‘The Neighbour’: Is this your hotel of the future?

According to research from Deloitte and Doblin, and laid out in SiteMinder’s interactive quiz, hotels in the future will take on specific characteristics to change the shape of hotel service and experience. ‘The Neighbour’ is one of these.

‘The Neighbour’ is driven by guests who are looking for a purposeful way to engage with the local area and experience the heart of the destination’s culture.

Often guests find the spaces of a hotel generic and unappealing. It doesn’t seem like a place they want to hang out because it’s empty of the experiences they can find elsewhere in their destination. They want their hotel to be a welcoming extension of the exterior environment, further enriching the time they spend on their trip.

‘The Neighbour’ aspires to make this happen.

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