January 24, 2013

RIN Hotels yields core analytics benefits from RateGain’s Pricing Intelligence Tool

Catalin Cunescu, Revenue Manager at RIN Hotels gives his recommendation on RateGain’s price intelligence solution. Here are excerpts from our conversation with Catalin on the top business challenges he faces at hotels everyday.

What are the top three business challenges do you face on a day to day basis?
The top 3 business challenges we face on the daily basis are: Ensuring that RIN Hotels has better market position than competition, increasing productivity on our hotels through online distribution channels, optimizing distribution on our brand websites.
Which tools have you been using to solve these challenges?
We are currently using PriceGain – hotels as well as the channel management solution from RateGain to streamline our pricing and distribution strategies
How does PriceGain align with your overall revenue management solution?
PriceGain aligns very well with our existing infrastructure and needs. All PriceGain needs is a high speed internet access, which we have in each hotel for quicker updates. Since we have over 1,000 rooms in our four hotels, we are often flexible on rates and PriceGain is perfectly suitable to our need of updating rates across the distribution channels.

Before & After using Price Gain Hotels?

We have used similar products earlier as well but had several challenges such as: No second price option, no quick updates, not dynamic, complicated update mechanism and many errors.

Differentiating feature between RateGain and others?

We really appreciate the new PaceView analysis on yield management. We are collecting data for transient segment & ADR by using PaceView feature of Pricegain. PaceView has helped in analyzing the price pace for a particular check in date.

What is the anticipated growth scenario at RIN Hotels and the industry over the next few years?

It is obvious that more and more corporate travelers are migrating to online means of booking. Travel agencies are also trying to gain more and more customers through online marketing. On the other side, mobile applications are also increasingly popular among the new age travelers.

RateGain provided Catalin and the team of RIN hotels with real time data reporting, where they receive fresh data ripe from the channels being shopped including competitors brand websites and OTA’s.
PriceGain also give limitless flexibility to generate reports outside the rolling period covered by the scheduled reports. This meant you could easily check different occupancy levels or length of stay and check competitors pricing months in advance of the arrival data.

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