April 13, 2012

Room77 knows where to look for hotel prices

According to this article, Room77 has now not only the largest number of hotel price comparisons across online booking channels, it also features hotel rates like merchant, AAA or senior citizen rates side-by-side in its hotel search - which no other OTA or meta search engine delivers currently.

The most disruptive thing about all this is the retail rates – finally, someone is showing regular retail rates as well, offering consumers yet another source of rates usually only found with traditional travel agents. And yes, there are deals to be found here too – and all without a pre-pay and with loyalty points.

Don’t confuse Room77′s own booking capabilities with those of Kayak. Kayak simply white labels Travelocity rates and sells them direct. Room77 is pulling actual retail rates from the Global Distribution Systems.

Room77 not only now has by far the largest number of price comparisons across online multiple booking channels, but also now has rates not often found anywhere else with ease. And good rates at that.

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