November 07, 2012

Search marketing is getting complicated

A Forrester report found two-thirds of marketers now feel the need to integrate social media and other outreach efforts into their search strategies, while more than half say they're struggling to stay abreast of algorithm changes and other technological shifts.

According to the study, 65 percent of respondents said integrating other channels into a search strategy is major concern. Social media marketing and website content play important roles in a company’s presence within on Google, Bing and others, and marketers struggle to align their efforts with an integrated strategy.

Moreover, 51 percent said keeping SEO and other elements of search marketing updated in response to new developments, namely algorithm changes, is a major concern. Other prominent issues brands face include measuring ROI (47 percent), staffing (41 percent) and budgetary restraints (31 percent).

While none of these are particularly unique problems, there are ways marketers and companies of all sizes can succeed with search. Thirty-four percent said creating and managing content is a major challenge for their SEO or PPC marketing efforts. Developing high-quality website content is necessary for SEO. It helps brands keep sites fresh and offer prospects relevant information. Each of these benefits speaks to satisfying users with regularly published content. As Google’s search algorithms continue to change in the name of finding optimum user experience, this is ultimately the most important part of any search strategy.

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