December 14, 2012

SEO best practices for hotel marketers

“Fixing” the hotel website remains of paramount importance to hoteliers. Anything you do online today - from social media to banner advertising to email marketing - leads back to the hotel website. But there is more you can do to drive search engine traffic to your website.

The ongoing Google Panda updates mandate that website content be not only deep and relevant, but also unique and engaging. Search engines are now looking for strong editorial content.

Web content has always been the king of SEO – the recent Google Panda algorithm updates turned website content into the emperor. Each of the updates that punished poor practices ultimately underscored one thing: unique and engaging content is here to stay.

Quality content has taken center stage over the past 18 months, making it imperative to have strong copy supported by a focused SEO strategy. Any hotel website without sufficient depth of content and without unique and engaging content, would have hard time with search engine rankings.

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