November 21, 2012

Small meetings inspire design innovations

As workers begin to move out of stuffy, formal conference rooms, several hotel companies are following suit by transforming casual public spaces into more collaborative meetings environments.

“The way people work today has changed dramatically,” said Matthew Von Ertfelda, VP of insight, strategy and innovation at Marriott International. “People are completely untethered. They’re looking for collaborative environments, and they’re looking for barrier-less interaction.”

And with a change in workers’ habits - a recent survey sponsored by Wired and Marriott Hotels & Resorts found 48% of respondents are “more productive when they work remotely” - the necessity for hoteliers to adapt is more prevalent than ever.

Many hoteliers have responded to this change in traveler behavior by creating spaces designed specifically for small, casual meetings. Take for example Marriott Hotel & Resorts’ recent partnership with workplace product and furnishings provider Steelcase to launch Workspring at Marriott.

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