December 15, 2011

Social business planning in 2012 (and beyond)

An interesting and timely presentation by Edelman Digital with insights on their approach on the social web, outlining not only their philosophy on social business planning but also, the methodology they use when working with clients.

If social is to scale, it must begin to spill out of the marketing silo and truly influence how we do business. We believe a connected business is better positioned for the future than a business, which remains disconnected and non adaptive.

In order for a business to truly extract value from social initiatives, we must consider not only marketing but how it impacts research and development, human resources, innovation, business intelligence and other facets of an organization which help drive a business forward.

Over the next ten years, most businesses will move past the ROI question of social - and get to work on doing business in a connected age. This will require gradual if not steady change and a commitment to evolving business practices.

Get the full presentation at Edelman Digital