January 10, 2013

Social media driving hotel F&B revenues

For some the jury is still out. But for others there is no doubt that social media is actually driving business to hotels. The importance of social media technology’s value in driving in restaurant traffic and sales at hotels is showing real effect.

While many in the industry are talking about tablets and apps that provide individualized concierge services in the lobby or right on a smart phone, when the hungry diners’ search for apps of the digestible kind begins numerous hotel based restaurateurs are utilizing a combination of high tech, like social media outreach, and low tech (i.e. personable and successful server on-the-floor up sells).

Embracing technology in the hotel restaurant business is a fine balance of messaging, channeling resources to disseminate the messaging, and doing it in such a way that it pays off.

Andy Labetti, General Manger, The Benjamin Hotel, NYC notes, “There’s lots of talk about social media. But it still has to be connected to performance. High Yelp scores correlate with high year over year sales in restaurants.”

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