May 16, 2013

Social media strategies in travel: Show, don’t tell

As the world makes the shift to sharing visually, join this revolution. Travel is an emotional purchase sparked by the photos we see. Images of dreamy sunsets, turquoise Caribbean waters or white-sand beaches all convey blissful vacation moments that clients often wait all year to experience.

A picture has traditionally been worth a thousand words. Today, the right picture could be worth a thousand likes.

Social media has gone visual in a very big way, offering travel professionals unprecedented opportunities to promote their products and brands. Photo-based social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest, in particular, have ushered in a visual revolution, taking the old adage "don't tell when you can show" to new heights.

Unlike words, photos can preserve visual memories when ours fade or fail to recount a great vacation from beginning to end. No one takes a vacation without taking photos, right?

But beyond sheer memories, a really great photo can influence a purchase decision.

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