January 25, 2013

Speed is key in mobile, especially for travel sites

Mobile sites that fail to load quickly are a no-no for travel companies hoping to retain impatient and preoccupied smartphone users. At a webinar this week, Google urged travel firms to make sure they prioritise creating a fast user experience over featuring high resolution images.

“You are now competing with all the other tabs, games and other apps,” explained Shane Cassells, online conversion specialist at Google, adding that customers now have a greater expectation that sites will load fast, and have less patience with those that don't.

“If you are keeping a person waiting just to have a supreme quality picture, you risk that they will never see that picture because they have found something else to do.”

On the question of whether companies should invest in building mobile sites, apps or both, Google recommended opting for both if possible, but added that firms should concentrate on sites rather than apps if they had to choose one.

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