May 25, 2012

Storytelling that drives direct hotel bookings

Room Keys latest PR efforts give hotel marketers great insight on ways to craft your story for direct hotel bookings when addressing the traveling consumer. It's all about "the comfort of booking your stay on a hotel-owned website," and "make special requests for things such as early check-in or connecting rooms."

Dannis Schaal wrote a PR piece for Room Keys that got published this week on many news sites including USA Today, and is designed to help the new hotel consortium to carve its niche among traveling consumers, and successfully compete with online travel agents.

Here are some of the wordings that also make for successful storytelling on hotel websites and their promotion efforts:

- If you like the comfort of booking your stay on a hotel-owned website and dealing directly with the property when something goes awry, then a new collaborative venture,, should be on your radar.

- Room Key is designed to give the benefits of booking your room directly with the hotel and enough choice from these hotel chains and their partners that you won't be tempted to plunk your money down on an online travel agency site instead.

- Room Key, which has an attractive and uncluttered look.

- You'll get the benefit of earning rewards points, avoid the unpredictability of diverse booking fees from online travel agencies, and make special requests for things such as early check-in or connecting rooms.

- After the reservation, you also can pick up a phone and call the property with any changes or wish-list items. After all. it is the he hospitality industry, says John Davis, Room Key's CEO.

- If you don't want to deal with the uncertainty inherent in using sites such as Hotwire or Priceline, in which you don't know the hotel identity upfront, or want to avoid online travel agency sites and last-minute mobile apps such as HotelTonight, then Room Key is worth a look.

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