October 18, 2012

Talking revenue marketing with your CFO

Welcome to the brave new world of revenue marketing, where nothing speaks to a CFO's purse strings like ROI and hard data. Here are three conversation starters you can use with your CFO to help fund revenue marketing initiatives in 2013.

Marketing automation + ROI = predictable revenue contribution: Of the companies in the study using both marketing automation and ROI metrics, 69 percent reported an increase in total marketing revenue contribution. Contrast that with the 19 percent figure for companies using only traditional metrics. These data make it clear: Investing in marketing automation and running marketing based on ROI can help grow top-line revenue. My advice: Get the CFO involved in helping to set up an ROI model.

Integrated marketing automation yields company growth: Companies outgrowing competitors are more likely (66 percent) to be using integrated marketing automation than same or slower growth companies (50 percent). That means the use of full-featured marketing automation integrated with CRM. This is a no brainer, as every CFO is hardwired to find ways to grow.

Begin measuring what matters: The addition of marketing automation has generated increases in key lead gen outcomes with the top three being the quantity of leads generated (61 percent), the quality of leads passed to sales (60 percent), and sales acceptance (48 percent). Marketing automation enables the measurement of results-oriented metrics, beginning with lead quantity and quality. These are metrics that your CFO understands and loves.

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